You can see the dog walking services that we offer below. We typically cover the areas around Whitwick, Coalville, Ibstock, Ravenstone and Hugglescote.

Group Dog Walk

Fun, high energy and perfect for dogs who love to socialise. These walks will be carried out in local countryside so your dog will get to explore and have the chance to visit different locations. The number of dogs on these groups will vary but will range from 2-6.

They will travel in style in our custom fitted van with 4 large crates and then a very large space for the bigger dogs. Dogs will never be mixed in the crates unless from the same house hold. The van has air con for the warmer months which circulates from the front to the back keeping your dogs cool. Crates will have a comfy vet bed floor and there will be non spill water bowls in each crate so you can be ensured they have everything they need for the short amount of time they will be travelling.

Each dog will also be wearing an “Otis & Friends Tag” so if they do happen to wander our number will be there for a speedy reunion.

Puppy/Elderly Care

Do you have a new puppy who isn’t quite ready for the great outdoors just yet or will only need a short walk until they get a little older. We are so happy to be able to cator to the little guys. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love puppy cuddles or fun. We are also happy to feed them their lunch and clean up any mishaps that may have happened whilst they are still learning…whoops. As these sessions will be one to one we can cater to any individual needs of the puppy. We can play, train or simply cuddle…maybe even all three. What more could they want of course on the other hand these sessions are also suited to the more elderly dogs that perhaps would prefer a gentle stroll and fuss to a crazy high energy group walk.


I can also provide visits to feed, let out and small tidy or litter tray change. Any other requirements can be discussed and priced individually. 

Group Walk Requirements

Collars, tags and microchips

All dogs will require a collar, a tag(this can be our Otis & Friends tag) and the dogs must be microchipped.

Recall & Temperament

A good recall is required and dogs must be confident off their leads. Dogs must also be friendly and socialable as they will be meeting lots of friends to play with.


Dogs must be physically well with no health issues. We would never want to put a dog in jepody and the safety of the dogs is paramount.

All dogs should be comfortable traveling in vehicles.

We do not accept intact dogs for our group walks. We expect to be notified when bitches are in season and other arrangements shall be made.


Dogs will be towell dried to the best of our ability but where there is fun there is most likely dirt, if you do not want your dog to get a little messy then please opt for a solo walk.

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